2012 CERAH Champion Award Announcement

Each year, CERAH gives an award to a “Champion” who has worked to advance the health and social care for our aging population.  During the CERAH Open House celebration on Friday, December 11th staff, students, faculty, and research and community partners honoured Rebecca Johnson, Councillor-at-Large with the award.

Rebecca Johnson was first elected as a Thunder Bay Councillor-at-Large in 2003 for a three year term and again in 2006 for a four year term. She currently represents the City of Thunder Bay on 20 committees and organizations.

Rebecca was Thunder Bay’s single registered lobbyist in the mid-1990’s where she lobbied on a variety of business and community development issues. Rebecca was an elected Trustee on the Lakehead Board of Education from 1976 to 1988. During this time she served for four years as Vice-Chair and the last three years as Chair of the Board. 

Rebecca promoted a proactive approach to government with a "can-do" attitude in her 2006 campaign.  She continues to uphold this same 7 point plan and includes two additional points for the 2010 election.

She is currently chairing the Age-Friendly Stakeholders Committee, and CERAH recognized her with the 2012 CERAH Champion Award in recognition for her significant contributions to our Age-Friendly endeavors and her commitment to healthy aging throughout the Thunder Bay community.

Congratulations, Rebecca!


Rebecca Johnson and CERAH Director Ian Newhouse