Support the Montreal Declaration on Hospice Palliative Care

"At the 20th International Congress of Palliative Care in Montreal this past week, Stephen Lewis delivered a plenary with a globally important message requiring immediate action. The United Nations is currently updating and setting the international sustainable goals for 2015-2030.  Unfortunately, the current goal setting for the next 15 years does not mention palliative care. Stephen Lewis has implored us to advocate to ensure palliative care is added to these targets to ensure there is dignity and appropriate care addressed in how we live and how we die around our globe. Please take just 2 minutes to visit a most important message about palliative care and add your signature to those around the world at:

Sharon Baxter (CHPCA), Bernard Lapointe (McGill), and others developed within 24 hours the "Montreal Declaration" to be delivered to the United Nations.  Your vote is critical, and every vote matters, so please share as far wide as you can!  This message is also being sent to our political leaders, to ensure these discussions and understandings reach our highest tables for context and decision making.

Thank you for your time and signature to this important declaration and circulating to your contacts to have them sign as well!  It takes less than 2 minutes!  You will be asked for your name, country, and email address.  Your email address remains confidential, and is there for CHPCA administrative needs."