On May 13, you can do something about dementia!

Dear Colleagues
On May 13, you can do something about dementia! 
...along with over 70 people from  17 Alzheimer  Societies  meeting with MPPs at Queen’s Park to  remind them that, as they develop a provincial dementia strategy, it is critical to have people with lived experience at the centre of all conversations We think that it will be the first time a person with dementia will speak at Queen’s Park. You can do something to help. 
On May 13, the Alzheimer Society is asking the Ontario Government to move ahead with its commitment to a Dementia Strategy that will create a province-wide framework for local planning. Our proposal is to begin the discussions with persons with dementia and their families and those are the  people who are going to Queen’s Park. 
You can join their voice by  sharing tweets, posting content online, supplying photos and testimonials throughout the day.  
Below  is the "how to" document and a list of messages. 
By participating in the May 13 social media conversation you are, in fact, "doing something about dementia." You are showing your support for a provincial dementia strategy, you are ensuring that people with dementia are at the centre of the development of this strategy, and you are helping extend the reach of this conversation.
By participating in this activity, you can send a clear message that people living with dementia, either because of personal impact or professional interest, are at the centre of the development of the Ontario strategy. Everyone CAN do something about dementia, no matter how big or modest the contribution.
On May 13, join the conversation by visiting first:  
#OnDementia (11)

#AlzOnt (7)


1.     Re-tweet our messages, share our posts! 

o   Look for messages using #OnDementia and #AlzOnt

o    Share this strategy with your colleagues and across your organization. Ask them to also be on the lookout for these hashtags and support our messages with their followers.

2.     Share new messages!

o    Use the list of enclosed Facebook and Twitter messages and tweak them as necessary to better appeal to the people in your region/your followers.

3.     Toot your own horn!

o    What are YOU doing about dementia? Create your own message and make sure to tag them with #OnDementia and #AlzOnt

4.     Give a shout-out to individuals from various fields who are "doing something" about dementia. 
o   Have their/your picture (and permission) ready. (optional)
o   Prepare a one-liner that describes who they are and what they are doing about dementia. Something like the ones we will be using:
§  Tom S. Baseball coach, dance dad, researching dementia & driving. Doing something about it #OnDementia #AlzOnt (113 + photo)
§  Jaclyn. Student, volunteer w/families affected by dementia. Doing something about it. And you? #OnDementia #AlzOnt (117 + photo)
§  Bea K. Nurse, mother, grandmother, Ont Dementia Advisory Group founding member, doing something about dementia. #OnDementia #AlzOnt (133)
o   Remember!
§  Twitter requires 23 characters for photo attachments (leaving  117 characters)
§  Twitter requires 22 characters for links starting http:// (leaving 118 characters)
§  Twitter requires 23 characters for links starting https:// (leaving 117 characters)
Thank you!