Province of Ontario Survey on Physician Assisted Dying

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario (HPCO) President and CEO, Rick Firth, issued the following statement with regard to the Provincial-Territorial Expert Advisory Group Convened On Physician-Assisted Dying:

"Hospice Palliative Care Ontario will work with its members to provide input to the work of the new advisory. Itís important to note that hospice palliative care is about ending suffering, not about ending life. Itís about living well until the natural end of life. Research shows that the demand for physician assisted death is reduced by access to hospice palliative care, which relieves pain and suffering, often leading to better quality of life, longer life, and less expensive care. The most important work being done by the government now is increasing access to hospice palliative care throughout the province."

A public consultation that Ontario will conduct was also announced. Ontarians will have the opportunity to participate through in-person consultations and are invited to share their ideas through a confidential online survey. Below is a link to the consultation the Province of Ontario is doing about physician assisted dying: doctor-assisted-dying-and-end- life-decisions-consultation

Please consider sharing your thoughts on this important issue and circulating this survey to others. 

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