Action needed to address COVID-19’s hidden tragedy: National Grief Advocates Urge Support for Grieving Canadians & Health Workers

May 12, 2020 – Never in our lifetimes has Canada experienced the volume and complexity of grief as has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadians have been robbed of goodbyes with dying relatives and forced to grieve in isolation without funeral rites. They and those working on the front lines of health care are at heightened risk for prolonged, complicated grief marked by depression, and the risk of suicide. Existing grief services are fragmented, under-funded and insufficient. Left unaddressed, significant long-term social, health and economic impacts will result.
The Canadian Grief Alliance – a coalition of national leaders in grief and bereavement - is urging the Government of Canada and the provinces and territories to bolster the country’s grief services to meet the growing demand. Existing and recently announced mental health initiatives do not include grief services. 
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