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Barriers to Staff Involvement in End of Life Decision Making for People with Advanced Dementia in Long-term Care  Presented by: Nisha Sutherland

Frailty is the Elephant in the Room  Presented by: Gareth Jones

It's a Waiting Game: A Qualitative Study on the Experience of Caregivers of Patients who Require an Alternate Level of Care  Presented by: Kerry Kuluski

Positive Aging - A Personal Perspective on Creativity and Lifelong Learning Presented by: Brian Nieminen

HealtheSteps: A "real-world" lifestyle prescription program for chronic disease prevention and management    Presented by: Bayley Ostenfeldt & Jacqueline Harvey

Enhancing End of Life Care in Canada: Potential Roles for Public Health   Presented by: Dr. Kevin Willison

Why my back hand isn't what it used to be - changes in aging resulting in decline in hand function  Presented by: Dr. Jane Lawrence-Dewar & Mr. Vineet Johnson

Exercise in the Workplace: Present Changes for Future Health                    Presented by: Mike Renzi

Developing Age-Friendly Communities: A World Health Organization Initiative Presented by: Dr. Kevin Willison

What guides us here? "Exploring community health nurses' experiences of moral distress"
Presented by: Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio

The Care Delivery Experience of Hospitalized Patients with Complex Chronic Disease
Presented by: Kerry Kuluski

Advance Care Planning Resource Development
Presented by: Kim Ramsbottom

The Art of Mindfulness
Presented by: Lana Ozen

The Jamaican Lottery Scam:
Presented by: Diane MacLaurin

HealtheSteps: A "real-world" lifestyle prescription program for chronic disease prevention and management
Presented by: Brooke Moncrief, Jacqueline Harvey, Jessica Gosselin, Justine Tempelman

Enabling Older Adult Participation in Community-Based Exercise Programs: Developing the Fitness that Fits Scale
Presented by Tracey Larocque, Department of Kinesiology, CERAH Research Affiliate

Supporting the Elderly at Home
Presented by Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio, Department of Nursing, CERAH Research Affiliate

Development of an End of LIfe Care Tool
Presented by Kevin Willison, Department of Sociology, CERAH Research Affiliate

Compass North student-led clinic: Charting new directions for student-led health outreach in Ontario's North
Presented by Catherine O'Neill, Wilson Stephenson, Joelle Thorgrimson

Frailty: it's everybody's business! Health Promoted Aged Care is the Way Forward
Presented by Dr. Denise Marshall, Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University