Health Promotion & Exercise and Chronic Disease Management (DHPECDM)

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About the DHPECDM

Welcome to CERAH's division of Health Promotion & Exercise and Chronic Disease Management. The purpose of the DHPECDM is to be a place to collaborate and promote research and programs that supports the health of our population through all facets of aging and all of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of health. Research affiliates within the division have an interest in health education and health promotion, nutrition, exercise and physical activity and in the prevention and management of chronic disease and other related conditions.

Division Lead:

Dr. Ian Newhouse

Director, Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health

Phone: (807) 766-7294

Fax: (807) 766-7222


Dr. Ian Newhouse, Health Promotion & Exercise and Chronic Disease Management Lead
Ian Newhouse, BPE, MSc, PhD is a Professor in the School of Kinesiology where his principal teaching and research interests are in the areas of exercise physiology and health promotion. In particular, Ian has done research in mineral metabolism and the effects of  supplementation (i.e. iron and magnesium) on human performance and health. In more recent years Ian has focused his energies on interprofessional education and care. This has been a natural extension of serving as Dean of the Faculty of Professional Schools (Social Work, Nursing, Kinesiology, Gerontology, Public Health, and Outdoor Recreation Parks and Tourism) from 2001-2008.