Palliative Care Education for Indigenous Communities

CERAH has a strong focus on Indigenous Peoples Health and Aging, and is a recognized leader in palliative care research and education for Indigenous communities.

In response to the need for culturally relevant palliative care education for Indigenous communities, CERAH developed the "Palliative Care for Front-line Workers in Indigenous Communities" curriculum in collaboration with Indigenous communities. The 15 hour workshop provides an introduction to palliative care for Indigenous health and social services providers in communities that have identified a need for education.

The curriculum recognizes the diversity of Indigenous communities’ experiences, knowledge, and cultural teachings regarding death and dying. As a result, the content of the workshop is not grounded in any one community’s particular traditions, values, and beliefs. Rather, the curriculum uses the holistic teaching concepts of the Indigenous Wellness Framework that focuses on health and balance, and combines this with the holistic focus of palliative care.

For more information: Palliative Care for Front-Line Workers in Indigenous Communities information booklet.

As part of the learning package, workshop participants receive a resource manual, Preparing for the Journey: Caring for Indigenous People who are Seriously Ill, to accompany and enhance the curriculum. This resource manual is designed to provide practical tools and resources for care at the bedside. It is an original document drawing heavily upon previous resources that provide practical tools and resources for care at the bedside.