CERAH Champion

Each year, CERAH gives an award to a “Champion” who has worked to advance the health and social care for our aging population.  During the CERAH Open House celebration on Friday, December 4th staff and community partners honoured Meta Evans with the award.

Meta Evans is a Registered Nurse graduating from Nottingham City Hospital (UK), Upton and Amersham General Hospitals (UK) and Barbados General Hospital, (BDS, West Indies).  Her nursing journey and career, which began in 1955 and is still on-going, has taken her across England, Scotland, Barbados, Bahamas and Canada.

Meta has worked in various areas of nursing.  She practiced midwifery in the UK, Barbados, and Northern Manitoba.  She has carried out diverse duties in health care, general duty, administration, consulting and community involvement.  Meta is involved with the Pain and Symptom Management Program.  She has worked on the Pediatric Ward at Sudbury General Hospital, the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto the Deer Lodge Veteran’s Hospital in Winnipeg, and the Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital in Thunder Bay.

She has attended and studied many courses and lectures related to her current clinical practices.  These include places of study such as George Brown College, University of Manitoba and Red River Community College in Winnipeg, Lakehead University and Confederation College in Thunder Bay.  There are many others in London, Scotland and the West Indies.   Meta has presented locally, provincially, nationally and internationally on various topics.  She has also conducted workshops at the Multicultural Centre.  Topics included helping new immigrants to settle in Canada.  She is very involved with her church with community work and is an Elder there to carry out pastoral care.  She was recently promoted to a Commander of The Military and Hospitalier Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Meta retired from the hospital in the year 2000 but continues to work in palliative care with Bayshore Home Health caring for palliative, pediatrics and adult clients.

Congratulations, Meta!


Meta Evans and her daughter Marcia