Centre History

The Beginnings: Northern Education Centre for Aging & Health

The Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health originated as the Northern Education Centre for Aging & Health (NECAH). NECAH was established in 1991 with special funding from the Ministry of Colleges & Universities to develop and deliver educational programming in aging and health to interdisciplinary health care professionals in northwestern Ontario and Lakehead University students in the health professions.

NECAH applied for and received funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for an education program in palliative care (1992) and geriatric health (1997). These service contracts continue today and are the core income of the Centre.

From 1991 to 2004, NECAH became a well-established and vibrant unit of the university. It made significant contributions to the development of gerontology in Northern Ontario, playing a key role in bringing gerontology studies to Lakehead University, while offering a northern perspective on aging and health.

2004 to Today: The Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health

To reflect the increased focus on research since its inception in 2004, NECAH was renamed the Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health (CERAH). With a mission to advance health and social care for an aging population and promote the health and well-being of older people, CERAH continued to bring together health care professionals, community partners, leaders, educators, researchers, students, caregivers and older adults in a collaborative effort to conduct research about the aging process and its relation to health and well-being.

CERAH uses collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to develop and administer a wide range of research and continuing education programs. Today, CERAH has a well-established reputation at regional, national, and international levels for innovative and evidence-based programming and research in aging and health.

Directors (Past and Present):

2021- present: Kathy Kortes-Miller, MSW, PhD, School of Social Work

2016-2021 Elaine Wiersma, PhD, Department of Health Sciences

2009-2016 Ian Newhouse, PhD, School of Kinesiology

2006-2009 Mary Lou Kelley, PhD, School of Social Work

2003-2005 Michel Bédard, PhD, Master of Public Health Program

1999-2003 Michael Stones, PhD, Department of Psychology

1994-1998 Jane Taylor, PhD, School of Kinesiology

1991-1994 Mary Lou Kelley, MSW, PhD, School of Social Work