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Lakehead professors receiving more than $73k for COVID-19 research

September 21, 2020 The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada has granted more than $73,000 to Lakehead University professors for important research related to the COVID-19 pandemic. [Read More]

IFA Virtual Town Hall Series - COVID-19 and Older People: Demographic Resilience in Times of Crisis

September 21, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly demonstrated that combating age-based discrimination requires a shift in the narrative on the human rights of older persons and healthy ageing. Throughout the last several months of unprecedented hardships there have been extraordinary instances of resilience, perseverance and support among individuals and organizations working for and alongside older people. In the upcoming IFA Town Hall, the United Nations Populations Fund in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (UNFPA EECA) explores opportunities to shift the narrative by highlighting collaborative initiatives to mitigate risks for older people during the ongoing pandemic, and promote health and social programs in the context of demographic shifts which are built upon participatory and enabling environments for older people. [Read More]

IFA Virtual Town Hall Series - COVID-19 and Older People: What it Takes to be an Advocate

September 3, 2020 Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, global leaders in civil society have come together to address the devastating and ongoing impacts to the lives and functioning of older people. Going beyond the immediate emergency response and informing effective long-term policy frameworks will require sustained efforts and a unified voice to respond to the needs of older people. As the Chair of the NGO Committee on Ageing in Geneva, Ms. Silvia Perel-Levin shares in this IFA Virtual Town Hall good practices in advocating for the recognition of the rights of older people on the global scale. [Read More]

IFA Virtual Town Hall Series - COVID-19 and Older People: Opportunities to Combat Ageism

August 20, 2020 The unprecedented global impact of COVID-19 on the lives and functioning of older adults has been well articulated around the world. Compounding the higher risk of COVID-19 on older people and those with underlying health conditions is growing age-based discrimination. Ageism has been demonstrated to negatively impact mental health and functional ability of older people, ultimately reducing life expectancy by 7.5 years on average. In this town hall, Dr. Jane Carmody of the John A. Hartford Foundation discusses the effects of ageism in the United States, and alongside Mr. James Appleby of the Gerontological Society for Aging, explores opportunities to collectively combat ageism. [Read More]

IFA Virtual Town Hall Series - What's Next? Building "forward" better and accelerting progress - Elevating older persons at the United Nations

July 22, 2020 Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, UN and WHO leaders have expressed concern about the devastating impact on older people, communities and societies. Though progress is being made in elevating the voices of older people through advocates in civil society, Mr. Rio Hada and Ms. Amal Abou Rafeh explore ways forward which may better integrate older people into decision-making processes nationally and in intergovernmental agencies such as the United Nations. [Read More]